In the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-three

SECTION 2. Definitions

In this act, the following words and phrases shall, unless the context requires otherwise, have the following meanings:

  1. "Bank" or "Government Land Bank," the Government Land Bank, established by chapter two hundred and twelve of the acts of nineteen hundred and seventy-five, as amended.

  2. "Commission," the commission established by section nine of this act.

  3. "Devens" or the "Devens Regional Enterprise Zone," the regional development zone created by this act, the boundaries of which include all the land area of Fort Devens, except the South Post, and certain land adjacent to Fort Devens owned by the Commonwealth, and certain land adjacent to Fort Devens currently owned by the Springfield Railway Terminal, Inc. or affiliate thereof or successor thereto, and currently used primarily for railroad purposes.

  4. "Devens Region," the municipalities within the commonwealth described as follows: (a) the Towns as defined in this act, (b) all municipalities contiguous to the Towns and (c) all municipalities contiguous to those defined in (b) above.

  5. "Fort Devens," the lands, including all easements, reservations and rights appurtenant thereto, and all buildings, structures, utilities and improvements located thereon comprising all or a portion of the military base of that name presently located in the towns of Ayer, Harvard, Lancaster and Shirley and within the ownership, control and jurisdiction of the United States government.

  6. "Reuse Plan," the plan for the reuse of Devens being prepared by the Bank and the Towns, as approved pursuant to section ten of this act.

  7. "Secretary," the Secretary of the Executive Office of Administration and Finance.

  8. "South Post, " that portion of Fort Devens located south of the sidelines of the state highway designated as route two.

  9. "Town," any one of the towns of Ayer, Harvard or Shirley.

  10. "Towns," the towns of Ayer, Harvard and Shirley.

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