In the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-three

SECTION 22. Public Health and Safety

Public health and safety and inspection services. The Commission shall have the right to establish a department or contract for services for inspections relating to public health, public safety and inspection services, or may designate the division of inspection in the department of public safety or the department of public health to provide said services. The Commission shall review and grant permits and other licenses, including building and occupancy permits, and conduct inspections and enforce such permits and licenses, in accordance with the requirements of the General Laws and state regulation pertaining to the construction, development and maintenance of buildings and property, including, but not limited to, the state building code, the wire code, plumbing and gas code, the fire code and elevator operations. The commission shall also review and grant permits and other licenses and conduct inspections and enforce the state sanitary code and laws and regulations related to the protection of the public health at Devens, to the same extent as undertaken by local boards of health pursuant to the General Laws. The commission shall establish reasonable fees for such permits and licenses, based upon the costs expended in the review, issuance and enforcement of such permits and licenses. The Commission may, as may be provided in the by-laws, or if not so provided, by a vote of seven members of the commission, delegate certain powers to commission staff or contractors, including the land use administrator, to issue, administer and enforce said codes, laws, regulations, licenses and permits.

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