Devens Regional Enterprise Zone

November 18, 1994

The Joint Boards of Selectmen:
    Town of Ayer
    Town of Harvard
    Town of Lancaster
    Town of Shirley
The Massachusetts Government Land Bank


  1. As part of the Regulations, the Commission may develop detailed requirements regulating the erection and maintenance of signs at Devens, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

    1. sign surface area;

    2. set-backs for signs;

    3. duration of temporary signs;

    4. number of freestanding signs;

    5. location of signs;

    6. height of signs;

    7. sign illumination;

    8. particular types of signs that are prohibited; and

    9. minimum design, construction, and maintenance standards for signs to ensure quality and safety.

    Sensitivity shall be shown to the natural and man-made characteristics of the particular district, reflecting the differing requirements in regard to materials, height, illumination, placement on the lot or building, and overall area of signs on the lot.

  2. The sign regulations may differentiate between the types of signs permitted within different zoning districts.

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