Devens Regional Enterprise Zone

November 18, 1994

The Joint Boards of Selectmen:
    Town of Ayer
    Town of Harvard
    Town of Lancaster
    Town of Shirley
The Massachusetts Government Land Bank


  1. Parking Regulations

    In the Regulations, the Commission shall develop detailed requirements for the number of parking spaces required for proposed developments and the minimum design, construction, and maintenance standards applicable to parking lots, driveways, and loading and unloading areas. Those requirements and standards shall take into consideration traffic congestion, public safety, and aesthetic factors.

  2. Number of Spaces Required

    Proposed developments shall provide for the number and type of parking spaces designated on Exhibit C, which may be modified by additional space requirements and ratios provided under the following paragraphs 1 through 3.

    1. Where the gross floor area of a building or buildings is divided among various uses, the Commission shall apply the parking space requirements and ratios which most appropriately apply to the character and proportion of uses within such building or buildings.

    2. Common parking facilities shall be encouraged in all zoning districts other than the open Space and Recreation district, in order to minimize excessive paving and the size and number of areas devoted to parking.

    3. In order to minimize the extent of paved parking areas, the applicant may propose and the Commission may approve a shared parking arrangement within any cluster of buildings, under which construction of up to thirty-five (35) percent of required parking area may be deferred to the future, provided that the parking area is located within four hundred (400) feet of the applicant's building or facility. Further conditions which must be satisfied by the applicant prior to approval by the Commission are as follows:

        a. the applicant must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Commission that vehicles occupying a particular number of spaces are unlikely to require the use of those spaces at the same time of day or same day of the week;

        b. sufficient land area has been reserved for the future construction of additional parking space should it be subsequently required to meet the requirements of the By-Laws;

        c. no building or permanent accessory structure may be placed on the reserve area;

        d. adequate provision has been made for vehicular access links between lots; and

        e. surety or other means of performance assurance has been provided in a form acceptable to the Commission to ensure construction of required parking and ancillary improvements, if provision of additional parking is deemed necessary.

    4. Satellite parking lots created for the purpose of serving public transportation to and from Devens are allowed in all zoning districts, except for the Open Space and Recreation district, subject to site plan review.

  3. Parking Requirements in the Innovation and Technology Center Zoning District

    In the Innovation and Technology Center zoning district it is expected that parking requirements will be met primarily through common facilities shared by multiple users. Parking facilities for a building or unified complex of buildings may be provided by either private or public parties. The general concept is that parking will be a common responsibility, servicing the needs of the various occupants of the Innovation and Technology Center.

    Parking required for single users occupying a free-standing building without multiple tenancy may be provided on an individual user basis, in accordance with the parking use tables attached at Exhibit C. Structured parking is permissible, subject to historic district regulations and design review. The Commission may also permit curbside parking in this district where it is physically feasible and appropriate to do so.

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