Regulatory Authority: Devens Enterprise Commission
Agency Contact: Peter C. Lowitt
Phone: 978.772.8831 ext 3313
Address: 33 Andrews Parkway, Devens, MA 01434
Massachusetts Register Number 1211
Effective Date: June 2012


10.06 District and area requirements

  1. Within viewshed districts [Article IX. Section C. 3. of the Devens By-Laws and Figure H in 974 CMR 3.06 (8)], and historic districts [Article X Section D of the Devens By-Laws], facilities shall be either incorporated within the architecture of the structure or camouflaged.

  2. Area requirements:

      (a) The facility shall be located on a parcel of land that is at least 2500 square feet in area.

      (b) The lot on which the facility is located need not have frontage and may be accessed by a drive or way across a recorded easement or right-of-way. Land within this circle may be used for other uses or structures after site plan approval for those other uses or structures has been obtained, provided the lot meets the area requirements under the Devens Bylaws.

  3. Setbacks:

      (a) A tower shall be set back from the edge of the rights of way of streets or planned public rights of way as though it was a building.

      (b) Towers shall be set back from electric transmission lines the height of the tower plus ten feet. This does not preclude the co-location of antennas on electric transmission line towers.

      (c) Towers shall be located to the side and rear of the buildings with the following exceptions:

        (i) A tower located in the Rail, Industrial and Trade Related Zone, the Environmental Business Zone, and the Special Use II Zone may be placed to the side of the building abutting an internal industrial street; and

        (ii) On a site surrounded by public ways, towers may be placed within a side yard abutting a street.

      (d) A tower's setback may be reduced or its location in relation to a public way varied, at the discretion of the DEC or the Director, to allow its integration into an existing structure and to encourage the siting of facilities in the most appropriate and advantageous locations.

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