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Devens, A Community of Mass Development

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Industrial Ecology

The Devens Reuse Plan defined sustainability at Devens as "development which achieves a balance of economic, social and environmental needs, while maintaining and enhancing the natural resource base" (Vanasse Brustlin 1994). The result of this early planning was a vision for what sustainability means to Devens, its residents, users and the involved public bodies: "the thoughtful and careful redevelopment of the base for the purpose of promoting economic development, social welfare, environmental protection, and natural resources." The DEC has since incorporated a number of strategies to achieve a more sustainable approach to redevelopment of Devens.

  • Devens Becomes a LEED Certified Community by USGBC
  • The Devens Enterprise Commission is excited to announce that Devens has been certified by USGBC, a third-party internationally recognized sustainability rating system that helps advance healthy, green and economically strong cities and communities. Read the full press release here.

  • Devens achieves 4-STAR Sustainability Rating
  • The STAR Community Rating System is the nation’s leading framework and certification program for evaluating local sustainability. Read the press release and visit the Devens page on the STAR Communities website to learn more about the how Devens achieved a 4-STAR rating and became recognized for national excellence in sustainability.

  • Devens Green Infrastructure Guidelines
    In Devens, where and how you build is just as important as what you build. This document provides applicants with an overview of what Green Infrastructure is, the local incentives and guidance on how to strategically locate and incorporate Green Infrastructure into projects to meet multiple regulatory requirements within the DEC Rules and Regulations. Download your free copy here.
  • Devens Complete Streets Policy and Prioritization Plan
  • In 2017 the DEC adopted a Complete Streets Policy to help ensure our streets are connected, accessible and safe for all users. The Policy includes a list of core commitments that the DEC and MassDevelopment have developed to further improve multi-modal accessibility for all Devens streets for all users. In 2018, the DEC undertook a public education and outreach process and completed a Complete Streets Prioritization Plan. This process highlighted gaps in the sidewalk network within Devens, gaps in bike infrastructure, the need for transit shelters, and the need to implement traffic calming measures in some areas to improve safety and reduce conflicts between residential and business uses. The Prioritization Plan then identified, detailed, and ranked specific projects that would address these needs. These projects will be undertaken as funding becomes available.

  • Nashua River Wild and Scenic River Study – 11 communities vote "YES"!
  • In a clean sweep, eleven riverfront communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire all voted "yes" at their Annual Town Meetings to accept the "Nashua, Squannacook, and Nissitissit Rivers Stewardship Plan" locally-developed by the Nashua River Wild and Scenic River Study Committee, together with its recommendation to seek Wild and Scenic River designation from Congress.
    Learn more at

  • Devens Municipal Vulnerablity Preparedness Plan
  • Through a Grant from the State Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program, Devens has completed a comprehensive Climate Change and Natural Hazard Vulnerability Assessment, Preparedness, and Action Plan. This plan will help Devens become even more resilient and adapt to changing climate conditions. View the full report .

  • DEC Releases Pilot Study by Tufts University on Biometric Tools for Planning
  • The DEC recently partnered with Tufts University Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning on an innovative research project: "Seeing the 'Unseen' in Devens: A Biometric Pilot-Study to Better Understand the 'Unconscious' Human Experience at Devens, Massachusetts". The study looks at how people unconsciously respond to different elements of the built environment, using one of the newest residential developments in Devens as a case study. Read the full report here.

  • Take a Sustainability Tour of Devens
    See some examples of the social, economic and environmental aspects that make Devens and the businesses and organizations here more sustainable.
  • Devens Eco Efficiency Center
    The Devens Eco-Efficiency Center provides education, technical assistance, networking forums, and partnership opportunities that help local establishments make better use of resources and achieve triple bottom line – economic, environmental and social – benefits. Learn about the non-profit's programs and services that promote sustainable business practices and how your facility can benefit from them.